Why work for Hour Hands?

A day in the life of an Hour Hands team member is never the same, whether it is producing in depth accounts reports, reconciling figures or organising events for private clients, each day brings us new and exciting challenges. Your role would be constantly evolving and allow you many opportunities to up-skill.

You would work across varied industries, which would provide an insight into the workings of many different organisations.

Hour Hands gives you the opportunity for flexible working and chance to develop your skillset by taking on new tasks and responsibilities, with our supportive team always on hand to guide you.

It’s not all hard work, we love to have fun too! We enjoy playing with our office dog, hosting surprise lunches for weeks when the work has been full on, and work socials. We love a team and the chance to be competitive.

Roles available

We don’t have any vacancies at present, but if you would like to get in touch about working with us, please use the contact us details below.


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Our Values

  • Collaborate openly
  • Empower others
  • Bring positive energy
  • Work smartly
  • Play as one team
  • First, understand
  • Generate solutions
  • Embrace the challenge
  • Do the unexpected
  • Make a difference
  • Be the expert
  • Actively anticipate
  • Find the best way
  • Think bigger
  • Aim higher
  • Deliver on commitments
  • Communicate honestly
  • Self-start
  • Genuinely care
  • No judgement