In bookkeeping terms, this is the money you owe to your suppliers and contractors. Accurately tracking and ensuring prompt payments helps you to build good relationships with your suppliers, building goodwill, and hopefully, favourable trading terms for the future! However, payments need to be accurate and properly approved to prevent fraud and loss. By using traditional and online software packages, including Xero, Hour Hands will manage your accounts payable and optimise your cash flow, efficiently and securely. We can make payments too.


Accounts receivable count as your assets: money that is owed to you by your customers. It’s really important to stay on top of your accounts receivable process: including invoicing, collecting what you are owed, and matching invoices to payments. It’s how you keep your cash flow positive and how you will fund your growth.   Our team uses a variety of software packages, including Xero Bookkeeping, Sage and QuickBooks to manage your entire accounts receivable process and we can link up with other bookkeeping systems such as Unleashed, shopify, and woocommerce.


Credit control is a critical business task as well as an important bookkeeping service. In an ideal world, all customers would pay their invoices on time. Unfortunately, late payment is an issue faced by many and often means a company cannot pay their own suppliers. Spending time chasing payment takes resources away from day-to-day activities that generate and fulfill sales but by outsourcing your credit control to Hour Hands, you can improve your cash flow, and save time, stress and money, without impacting your business. 


Typically produced on a monthly or quarterly basis, management accounts are a set of financial reports against which a business can measure its current performance. They deliver the insight needed to make informed business decisions and grow your company. Using Xero Bookkeeping, the Hour Hands team can deliver a range of useful bookkeeping reports including a profit and loss account, allowing you to compare actual business results against expected forecasts, focusing resources where you need them most. 


Taking on staff means the business is growing and it’s an exciting time in the life of a business. However, payroll can be complicated as it involves collating data from various departments and inputting dates, different rates of pay including holiday and sick pay, tax, NI contributions, pensions…

Outsourcing your payroll to Xero bookkeeping partner, Hour Hands, brings peace of mind that it will be managed professionally and accurately. Saving you a huge amount of time and making sure that your team remains happy and focused!  

Bookkeeping Setup

This is the perfect service for any business that wants to use Xero, the cloud-based accounting software. We will set your business up on Xero bookkeeping, or swap you to Xero from another system. Not only do we ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running, we also train you in its basic functionality – and share a few of the tricks that we’ve learned during our years of bookkeeping experience.


As a dedicated Xero bookkeeping partner, we just love all that this cloud-based accounting package has to offer. And as we love it so much, we’re keen that you do too. We will show you all the tricks of the trade: from basic actions to some of the ‘hidden’ bookkeeping services that are designed to help your business to fly!




from £400 / month

Are you the owner of a limited business, with no staff? You invoice your clients every month, you have suppliers to pay & VAT returns to submit? Would you like to free up time reconciling and keep everything up to date? This is the package for you.

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Ideal for new or young businesses



from 1,500 / month

Do you have extensive invoices, bills, payroll, debt collection, and key finance reporting responsibilities? Do you need a team to deal with the whole of your finance function: Accounts Payables and Receivables, Credit Control? Plus timely, accurate, top level reporting? And breathe…. We can be your finance team looking after all your back office tasks.

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Ideal for bigger businesses

What our clients say

Bookkeeping at its finest. All the team at Hour Hands I have dealt with deliver exceptionally good, professional and prompt services with a special mention to both Wendy & Natasha who are nothing short of outstanding. Knowledgeable and efficient work, accurate and informative – everything you want in bookkeeping services at a good rate. Cannot recommend them enough.

Lyndsey Wall | Herts Garden Machinery

I was delighted to discover Hour Hands to help me with my bookkeeping problems! These were very quickly and effectively resolved by Natasha. I will certainly use them next year and in years beyond that! Mike Tidball, Alban RTM Co Ltd

Mike Tidball | Alban RTM Co Ltd

After ten years in business I found myself in need of some short term, very specific help in our finance department. Having met Christine networking, I liked her calm and professional style and thought she was the woman for the job; 10 hours work agreed, end of story. But boy, was I wrong. She is so much more than a virtual assistant, so much more than a bookkeeper and so much more than an administrator. Her knowledge of Xero far surpasses mine, she is quick, efficient and hits every deadline given to her. Her 'can do' attitude, expertise and personality ensured that she soon became part of Team Mustard. Dealing with highly sensitive information discreetly and not only using her initiative but being truly proactive meant that the 10-hour project became much more as she added real value to the operation. Highly recommended for any local business needing top notch financial/operational support.

June Cory

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