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Credit control is a critical business task as well as an important bookkeeping service. In an ideal world, all customers would pay their invoices on time. Unfortunately, late payment is an issue faced by many and often means a company cannot pay their own suppliers. Spending time chasing payment takes resources away from day-to-day activities that generate and fulfill sales but by outsourcing your credit control to Hour Hands, you can improve your cash flow, and save time, stress and money, without impacting your business. 

This is why effective credit control is critical for your business

Minimise Risk
Keeping on top of your credit control helps you to manage and mitigate risk. Discouraging late payment and setting credit limits allows you to absorb unavoidable losses without the risk of business failure.

Save time
Reviewing outstanding debts on a regular basis means that you can follow up on any late payers quickly. This highlights any issues and gives you time to rectify issues or initiate processes to secure payment.

Save money
When payments are made promptly, the more funds you’ll have available for investment, paying wages and your own bills. If a debt is not collected in a timely manner, it may have to be written off, leaving you out of pocket.

We’re on hand to help you control your money

By adopting sensible and proactive credit control procedures, you stay in control.

When time is tight or invoices are getting out of hand, call the Hour Hands team to help. We liaise with your clients to ensure that all invoices and bills are paid on time and we ensure that invoices are sent out in a timely manner. We are always personable and polite whilst being firm and persistent. The perfect combination!

To engage your perfect credit controller simply call us on 01727 818262. Choose an ongoing package cost or we are happy to work on an hourly rate.

We are proud of the relationships that we build with our clients and are happy to share testimonials and compliments that prove our expertise in all bookkeeping services.  We look forward to working with you.




from £390 / month

Are you the owner of a limited business, with no staff? You invoice your clients every month, you have suppliers to pay & VAT returns to submit? Would you like to free up time reconciling and keep everything up to date? This is the package for you.

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Ideal for new or young businesses



from 1,500 / month

Do you have extensive invoices, bills, payroll, debt collection, and key finance reporting responsibilities? Do you need a team to deal with the whole of your finance function: Accounts Payables and Receivables, Credit Control? Plus timely, accurate, top level reporting? And breathe…. We can be your finance team looking after all your back office tasks.

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Ideal for bigger businesses

What our clients say

“If you want efficiency, get it done seamlessly Christine and the team at Hour Hands is the team you want to work with. Thank you for saving me time and effort with your fab bookkeeping services.”

Aarti Parmer | AP Brand Communications Ltd

“Since having Hour Hands on board to look after my accounts, we finally have a true understanding of our cash flow and the financial situation of our business every month.”

Ed Knight, Director | My Word Communications Ltd.

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