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Are you a small business needing marketing support?

Have you been meaning to host a marketing event? Do you need creative help for marketing material in print or online/emails? Do you need advice and management with the content of a new website? Or an extra pair of hands to keep on top of scheduling social media posts?

Marketing your business is essential to grow your brand, but finding the time can be a challenge for small businesses. Client work takes priority, and you may not have the resources to dedicate one of your team to this role.

Amplify all the benefits of your marketing by outsourcing your marketing support. Our experienced EA services team works with you to write social media content as well as managing engagement, creating email marketing campaigns and newsletters, managing suppliers, writing copy and proofreading, refreshing your website and so much more. We bring all the tools, skills and experience needed without the ongoing costs and responsibilities of an additional member of staff. We’re not a marketing agency but we can ‘do the doing’ and make sure it happens

How we can help

Some ways the Hour Hands team can help.

Marketing, Design and Print

Pass your logo, brand colours and content and we can design all your marketing material from business cards, leaflets and letter heads to adverts for circulation in print or online. We can of course quote for all the print and delivery if this is a helping hand for you too.

Email Newsletters & E-Shots

We use your content and create beautifully designed weekly/monthly email marketing/newsletters.

Website Content

Are you looking to revamp or start a website to kick start your business? We can help you with your website content, source suitable images and graphic design to suit your brand. Do you need a web designer too? No problem, we have a few on our books who can sort this for you.


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Cost savingsOutsourcing to the Hour Hands team can avoid the costs of recruitment, training and maintaining a full time team, whilst only paying for the time you use.

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Expert assistance – The Hour Hands team are highly experienced professionals, providing expert support and guidance, in many different fields and industries.


Flexibility – Outsourcing to the Hour Hands team means we can grow with your business, can work with you wherever you are, and when you need us to!




from £500

The perfect package to get you up on running, with full training and support provided.


Ideal for new or young businesses



from £45

Do you need flexible support? Our hourly rate is perfect for short term projects and solutions to smaller administrative issues.


Ideal for short term solutions

What our clients say

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“Christine is so much more than a virtual assistant, bookkeeper and administrator! Hour Hands are quick, efficient and hit every deadline. Highly recommended for any business needing top-notch financial or operational support.”

June Cory | June Cory Ltd

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