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In bookkeeping terms, this is the money you owe to your suppliers and contractors. Accurately tracking and ensuring prompt payments helps you to build good relationships with your suppliers, building goodwill, and hopefully, favourable trading terms for the future! But payments need to be accurate and properly approved to prevent fraud and loss. Using traditional and online software packages, including Xero, Hour Hands will manage your accounts payable and optimise your cash flow, efficiently and securely. We can make payments too.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We manage incoming Invoices either through an inbox management or using some of the integrated systems in Xero such as HubDoc or Dext.
  • We check and approve the invoices and make sure that all the payments are scheduled properly.
  • We can help you make payments either through Xero , Transfer Wise or our partnership with Telleroo.
  • We can improve the accuracy of the billing. The speed of processing will help you to manage your cash flow.
  • We are happy to speak to suppliers, request and reconcile monthly statements and send remittances.




from £390 / month

Are you the owner of a limited business, with no staff? You invoice your clients every month, you have suppliers to pay & VAT returns to submit? Would you like to free up time reconciling and keep everything up to date? This is the package for you.

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Ideal for new or young businesses



from 1,500 / month

Do you have extensive invoices, bills, payroll, debt collection, and key finance reporting responsibilities? Do you need a team to deal with the whole of your finance function: Accounts Payables and Receivables, Credit Control? Plus timely, accurate, top level reporting? And breathe…. We can be your finance team looking after all your back office tasks.

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Ideal for bigger businesses

What our clients say

Christine and the Hour Hands team are absolutely amazing if you need a spare or several additional pairs of hands. Recently we had a rush on with a few clients and we were able to outsource some of the non-core stuff to the Hour Hands team. They're brilliant and just quietly crack on with doing the things we don't need to do ourselves. I recommend these guys to anybody who wants to find more time for themselves.

John Acton | Peer2Peer Boards

Bookkeeping at its finest. All the team at Hour Hands I have dealt with deliver exceptionally good, professional and prompt services with a special mention to both Wendy & Natasha who are nothing short of outstanding. Knowledgeable and efficient work, accurate and informative – everything you want in bookkeeping services at a good rate. Cannot recommend them enough.

Lyndsey Wall | Herts Garden Machinery

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