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Taking on staff means the business is growing and it’s an exciting time in the life of a business. However, payroll can be complicated as it involves collating data from various departments and inputting dates, different rates of pay including holiday and sick pay, tax, NI contributions, pensions. Outsourcing your payroll to Xero bookkeeping partner, Hour Hands, brings peace of mind that it will be managed professionally and accurately. Saving you a huge amount of time and making sure that your team remains happy and focused!  




from £390 / month

Are you the owner of a limited business, with no staff? You invoice your clients every month, you have suppliers to pay & VAT returns to submit? Would you like to free up time reconciling and keep everything up to date? This is the package for you.

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Ideal for new or young businesses



from 1,500 / month

Do you have extensive invoices, bills, payroll, debt collection, and key finance reporting responsibilities? Do you need a team to deal with the whole of your finance function: Accounts Payables and Receivables, Credit Control? Plus timely, accurate, top level reporting? And breathe…. We can be your finance team looking after all your back office tasks.

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Ideal for bigger businesses

What our clients say

“Christine is so much more than a virtual assistant, bookkeeper and administrator! Hour Hands are quick, efficient and hit every deadline. Highly recommended for any business needing top-notch financial or operational support.”

June Cory | June Cory Ltd

“If you want efficiency, get it done seamlessly Christine and the team at Hour Hands is the team you want to work with. Thank you for saving me time and effort with your fab services.”

Aarti Parmer | AP Brand Communications Ltd

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