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Spending time doing research always saves time in the long run but where do you start? The sheer volume of content on the internet means that research can take far longer than it needs to. That’s where Hour Hands can help. We take your brief and find the information you need, quickly and efficient.

  • Find trusted tradespeople and gather quotations
  • Discover new restaurants, holiday destinations and places for days out
  • Be introduced to inspiring gift ideas

All the information will be presented in a clear, concise report so you can quickly decide the perfect solution for you.


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Cost savingsOutsourcing to the Hour Hands team can avoid the costs of recruitment, training and maintaining a full time team, whilst only paying for the time you use.

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Expert assistance – The Hour Hands team are highly experienced professionals, providing expert support and guidance, in many different fields and industries.


Flexibility – Outsourcing to the Hour Hands team means we can grow with your business, can work with you wherever you are, and when you need us to!




from £500

The perfect package to get you up on running, with full training and support provided.


Ideal for new or young businesses



from £42

Do you need flexible support? Our hourly rate is perfect for short term projects and solutions to smaller administrative issues.


Ideal for short term solutions

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The Hour Hands team always handles our work professionally and meticulously, which is just what's needed! They are a pleasant bunch to work with and always meet deadlines with quality results.

Lesley Singleton | Playtime PR

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