Why you need a Personal PA in your life

March 31, 2022 by Christine Frith
Why you need a Personal PA in your life

Shopping for clothes for black tie conferences, filing paperwork, managing the refurbishment of a property, decorating the family Christmas tree, and sourcing contractors. This is just a taste of what a Personal PA does to support busy professionals and individuals with juggling their personal and working lives.

Our private clients

Our private clients all come to us for professional help. As individuals, they actually don’t have much in common. Some are experts in their professional field, combining business travel and executive, appointments with busy private and family life. Others just need a helping hand with a specific one off activity, or to know that we are available for advice or activities whenever they need us.

Reassurance of a job well done

We take care of anything that our clients ask. This could include the organisation of family and household admin, overseeing contractors, managing and coordinating diaries, booking travel, paying bills, or running errands. The list is endless and varied.

All these tasks take time and effort. By employing a remote Personal Assistant, our clients have the peace of mind that the task will be completed professionally and on time. This frees our clients to concentrate on other matters, knowing that they have capable and reliable support.

What exactly does a Personal PA do?

The Hour Hands Personal PA works directly with their private client. They build a personal working relationship, so that the PA is confident to make decisions and take action on the client’s behalf. Every client requires something different. Some need virtual support with administration and bookings, whilst others require hands-on, practical help such as running errands and going shopping. Here is just a brief overview of some of the tasks that we have successfully completed for our clients:

  • Booked and coordinated private birthday parties
  • Completed paperwork – including life admin and passport renewals, filing and organising
  • Sourced contractors for household chores including handymen, cleaners and housekeepers. We are happy to wait in for deliveries and visitors.
  • Running errands such as dry cleaning, booking dental and medical appointments, delivering parcels.
  • Shopping for clothes, gifts, school uniforms, and groceries
  • Managing the refurbishment of homes and gardens, including researching, purchasing and chasing
  • contractors.
  • Booking travel, concerts, theatre tickets and so on.
  • Decorating homes and organising events for Halloween and Christmas

Meet Sarah and Heather – Personal PAs

When you engage an Hour Hands Personal PA you will be working with Heather and Sarah. Both are experienced PAs with a wealth of knowledge and a contact book packed full of useful people!

I work with some fantastic Private Clients – many are busy professionals and mothers. I love being their go-to person for any of their private life admin and thoroughly enjoy delivering the range of support that they need. Every day is different and I never know if I will be booking university tours, picking up lunch or researching homewares – it’s a fantastic role, knowing that I am directly supporting someone.” Heather

I work with clients based across the UK. All are very different people with very different needs. In one day, I could be completing paperwork in the morning and organising a cocktail party during the afternoon. I am also on hand for one-off calls whenever they need advice, regularly complete office based research on their behalf and often visit their homes to manage contractors. Every day is so different and I absolutely love working with these wonderful people.” Sarah

How to engage your perfect Personal PA

To engage your perfect family PA, simply call on 01727 818262 or email contact@hourhands.co.uk to speak to Sarah or Heather.

We will ask how we can support you and offer a solution. You can choose to either agree to a package cost or we are happy to work on an hourly rate.