Trust: Is this the most important attribute for a Personal PA?

November 14, 2022 by Christine Frith
Trust: Is this the most important attribute for a Personal PA?

We’re often asked what makes a good personal PA or virtual personal assistant. The list is long; after all, a good must be able to fulfil a range of tasks, often using their own initiative. Experience, local knowledge, diligence and a sense of humour all feature –  as the PA works hard to tick things off that never-ending to do list. However, we believe that at the very top of that list of skills and talents, is trust.

Trust is fundamental

When you completely trust the person to whom you give access to your diary, your business, even your home and family, then you have true peace of mind that every task will be completed on time, efficiently, and discretely. Every relationship needs trust – and it’s no different in the working relationship with your own personal PA.

We acknowledge that our clients trust us implicitly to complete tasks and give them the support they need, when they need it. They trust us with their personal information – and to keep this confidential –  they trust us to remember things on their behalf such as key dates, important milestones and personal preferences; they trust us with keys and access to their homes and property – waiting in for parcels and managing contractors to complete renovations and jobs accurately. And often, they trust us with their nearest and dearest when we arrange family birthday parties, holidays and days out.

Our clients trust us to deliver when we say we will – completing jobs on time and to their exacting standards.

Sarah, Hour Hands PA

Our clients are often out of contact and even out of the country. During these times we ensure that they don’t come back to a huge task list, or that important occasions such as Christmas still happen. We have access to banking, financial and personal information that most people don’t share outside of their close families. All due to the strong trusting relationships we build with our clients.

We do it all: from trusting that we’ve completed the VAT returns to making sure that they have the perfect outfit to attend an evening event when they don’t have time to shop. 

When you are thinking about hiring a PA, make sure that you gather references and trust your instincts – trust is the most important attribute of all.

Engage your own perfect Personal PA

Engage your perfect PA by simply calling 01727 818262 to speak to Sarah or Heather.  We will ask how we can support you and offer a solution. Choose either a package cost or we are happy to work on an hourly rate.

We are proud of the relationships that we build with our clients and are happy to share testimonials and the compliments that prove all that we say.