A Xero Bookkeeper will save you time and money

February 02, 2022 by Christine Frith
A Xero Bookkeeper will save you time and money

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that automates and simplifies many basic accountancy practices. When set up and used by an experienced Xero bookkeeper, it automatically pays bills, accepts and reconciles payments, calculates VAT, and claims expenses – saving you time and money.

Xero bookkeeping services are fantastic for the majority of small and medium business owners but they are even better when you are supported by a Xero official bookkeeper.

Why you need a Xero certified bookkeeper

You need a Xero expert to ensure you make the most from the system. For example, over 800 different apps can be connected to Xero. These will automate every aspect of your sales and financial activity – from point of sale to getting paid faster and submitting returns and complying with new Making Tax Digital legislation. Make the most of your Xero investment by using a Xero book keeper.

Hour Hands is so happy to be a Xero Accredited Bookkeeper!

9 ways that Xero keeps your cash flowing and business growing 

  1. Professional Quotations – send professional quotations to customers. Quickly turn quotations into invoices when the work is done.
  1. Invoicing made easy – personalise your invoice template before creating customised invoices. Email invoices directly from Xero to your clients. 
  1. Integrate real time payments – set up your system to take credit card payments from Stripe, worldpay, square and many others. Integrate the link into your invoices to make it easy for your clients to pay.
  1. Get paid faster – set payment dates and automatically send reminders to customers about unpaid invoices.
  1. Trade globally – add multiple currencies to your account and invoice in the currency chosen by your client. Payments are automatically converted into your preferred local currency. 
  1. Take the stress out of credit control – create and automatically send emails to remind customers about payment deadlines  
  1. Integrated payroll – keep all your financial records in in one place
  1. Make digital tax easier – manage and submit all your tax returns straight from Xero – remove stress and save time
  1. Stay Informed – link Xero to your bank, set reconciliation rules so you know exactly who has paid and always know your total cash-on-hand.

Embrace all the benefits that Xero can bring to your company by using the knowledge and experience of our outsourced Xero bookkeeping team. Whether you need assistance with setting up or ongoing support, we are here to help.  

Find a Xero Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers offer a vital business service by handling all the daily financial work for you so you can concentrate on running your business. The real-time information they collect can offer new insights into your business and help you stay ahead of the competition.  

When you search for ‘a xero bookkeeper near me’ – think of Hour Hands.  Our experienced team works virtually as part of your team. We are available to contract long term or for shorter durations to help you complete a tax return or project. Take a look at our packages or contact us for bespoke support.