Business, Cakes and the Great Outdoors: Meet Sarah

August 02, 2021 by Christine Frith
Business, Cakes and the Great Outdoors: Meet Sarah

From running your accounts to posting on social media: arranging conferences and booking holidays – the Hour Hands team successfully delivers all this and so much more.

We’d like to introduce you to Sarah, our new business manager who joined us this summer. Read on to learn about how she supports our clients in myriad ways and how her favourite pastime makes the Hour Hands team very, very happy!

Meet Sarah

Sarah has a shining background in business, accounts and marketing. She draws on all her skills and experience to help all our clients with a variety of tasks – you’re in safe hands with her calm and methodical outlook and friendly personality.

Jack of all trades

I love the variety of tasks that we undertake for our clients. As I’ve run my own business before, I have a wide-range of skills and understand the pressures that business owners are under. I’m a jack of all trades as I do everything: from sales to marketing, accounts and management. I even make the tea!

I really enjoy doing life admin for my clients. This could be placing orders or managing an email account, researching financial information and producing reports. I’m pleased that I can draw on all my experience to help others as it means that there’s never a dull moment!

Bake Off addict!

Outside of work, I’m a mum and wife. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the past year or so at home with my children, supporting their learning and teaching myself some new skills too. I also used this time to exercise. I love spending time outdoors – walking, biking or swimming with my husband and my children. I also love to cook and bake, in fact, you could say that I’m a Bake Off addict! (The team loves her homemade cakes! – Christine).

I love working at Hour Hands, the team are really friendly and kind and I’m so grateful to be working with them all and our wonderful clients. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Sarah and the Hour Hands team can help you, your family or your business, do reach out to us. No request is too big, too obscure, or too ‘mainstream’. We’re here to help