Our client outsourced their presentation: we delivered

July 22, 2020 by Christine Frith
Our client outsourced their presentation: we delivered

Presentations are one of our more popular business support services, perhaps because they are easily outsourced to a virtual assistant. Sometimes we create them from scratch but often we edit an existing deck to better reflect either the brand or the message. Often we repurpose an existing presentation, when clients are short of time.

Recently we worked with one of our longstanding clients, ENJO UK, to put together a beautiful presentation using Microsoft Sway. 

Introducing our client

ENJO UK produces amazing eco-friendly products that enable you to get your home hygienically clean just by using water and the specially designed ENJO fibres. Normally they demonstrate these products in customers’ homes and at events but lockdown meant they needed another way to engage. They asked us to help them create a presentation that their team members could access and share directly with customers during a Zoom meeting, via a link on their website. Microsoft Sway was a great choice for this. 

Introducing Microsoft Sway

If you haven’t worked with Sway before, it’s Microsoft’s free cloud-based story-telling application that’s been described as a friendlier alternative to PowerPoint. Die-hard PowerPointers might wonder why you’d bother but we found Sway to be simple, intuitive and fun to use. It’s great for visually striking newsletters, presentations and other communications, and you can share or co-edit your ‘Sway’ through the URL. You can find out more about the techy stuff here and here.

We adapted the content of ENJO UK’s existing PowerPoint presentation to Microsoft Sway. This combined hero images, how-to videos and detailed product information to help customers get a real feel for the products. We optimised the navigation features so that presenters could move between sections quickly, depending on customer preference. We also edited the text to work alongside the visuals.

You can see the finished result here and we’re pleased to say that our client LOVED it!

Our presentation for ENJO UK

If you have a presentation you’d like help with, our business support service could be just what you need.