The Hour Hands top tips for summer holiday travel!

July 10, 2024 by Natalie Brewer
The Hour Hands top tips for summer holiday travel!

Summer is finally here and many of us are getting ready for a break from the normal routine – whether that means heading to a festival, taking mini-breaks or enjoying a full blown holiday. As experienced travellers, we’ve gathered a mine of information to make travel just a little bit easier. Here are just a few of our top tips for more comfortable, healthier, and more enjoyable holidays.

 1. The best air fares are often found 6-12 before departure UNLESS you are travelling during school holidays or public holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Books as far in advance as possible for these peek times.

2. Mid-week flights (Tuesday and Wednesday) are almost always the best value.

3. Choose the left-hand queue at security; most people head right due to natural bais based on which hand you write with. 

4. There’s usually less turbulence if you pick a seat over the wings.

5. If you’re travelling as a couple or family, mix up your clothes so if a bag is delayed, one person doesn’t lose all their clothes.

6. Use packing cubes. Either put all of one type of clothing in a bag eg swimsuits or underwear, so they can be found easily or pack clothes for day 1 in one cube, day 2 in another and so on. Cubes are perfect if you are travelling around or living out of your suitcase.

7. Protect your back and neck – Carrying heavy bags can strain your spine so use wheeled suitcases , make the most of luggage carts at the airport, and always use the lift in a hotel to move your cases between floors.

8. Pack an orthopaedic pillow, if you use one, to help you get a good night’s sleep in your hotel room, and always take a neck support on a plane or train.

9. Love hiking? Invest in a good backpack with wide straps and a waist belt to help speak the weight across your body.

10. A towel or sarong can be rolled to support your lower back or neck when travelling.

11. Booked an evening flight from a London airport? If you are hungry, check the sandwich fridge at Boots. Many sandwiches are slashed to £1 or 50p after 7pm.

12. Chocolate and chili can help reduce the effects of jet lag. As can adjusting your meal times to suit the time clock in your destination country.

13. Wear layers on a plane so you can add or discard items if you are too cold or hot.

14. Always pack a sarong or large scarf. They can be used as a towel, a hair cover, an emergency skirt or top, a wrap if it’s cold, a cover for the light from a window… so many uses!

15. Do your souvenir shopping in local supermarkets. They are much cheaper than the tourist shops and often sell the same goods.

16. Check out local rules and customs. For example, you could be imprisoned for taking a plastic bag into Kenya, or for wearing clothes with a camouflage pattern in 21. Or fined for rolling your suitcases over the cobbles in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

17. If you have a bad back, reconsider lying on a sun lounger as it can make it worse. If you do fancy time in the sun, pick a chair or move every 30 minutes to prevent any issues.

18. Take three pairs of shoes with you on holiday and rotate which ones you wear. (Experts recommend a pair of sandals or flip flops, trainers/plimsols, and a smarter pair for night time). Living in super flat flip flops for a week or so can cause issues with your feet in the future and wearing trainers all week without airing them will be smelly!

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