Three Years In – Let’s Celebrate With Sarah

June 10, 2024 by Natalie Brewer
Three Years In – Let’s Celebrate With Sarah

As Sarah celebrates her 3rd birthday with Hour Hands, we asked her to look back and share some of her personal highlights from this time. Of course, being the professional that she is, she has focused on our wonderful clients but we’re pleased that she’s remembered about team building sessions too (cocktails, anyone?)

Here’s what Sarah said, in her own words:

I joined Hour Hands in June 2021. It was a bit of a change from being at home, working on my own in a small bedroom to being in a proper office! A new wardrobe of grown-up clothes later and I was off and running.

Fast forward three years and it’s been a whirlwind. There’s never a dull moment. Here are just a few of my favourite memories.

Helping so many clients with everything from unpicking the most complex expenses sheets, researching far off destinations, designing beautiful presentations, creating intensive spreadsheets, to taking minutes virtually for three hours…! The list goes on. I’ve also loved working alongside the marketing team – building our new website was a highlight. There’s always a new challenge on the horizon.

Other highlights have been the awards: from writing the application, then the anticipation, invitations to ceremonies and a few well-deserved wins (even if I say it myself)! 

And Hour Hands team days are so memorable – we’ve been singing, walking, cocktail making and visited Christmas markets. We’ve also undertaken some seriously good personal development courses.

As an account manager at heart, I have loved being back in the swing of networking and meeting a whole new tribe at BNI Prime and the many other networking events I have attended. I’ve loved meeting and getting to know each and every one of you!

The Hour Hands ethos is to deliver flexibility to our clients – and it allows me flexibility too. Working at Hour Hands has allowed me to return to being a professional whilst still being able to look after my family (and have a bit of fun too!) Everyone that I work with at Hour Hands is fabulously hardworking, funny and kind – I’m so lucky to work with this team of professional women every single day.

Streamline your life with your own PA at home or at work

Sarah is so great at leading her team of Personal Assistants because of her shining background in business, accounts and marketing, and her desire to make a real difference. As a former business owner, she really understands how a business works and what is needed to be successful – going above and beyond to ensure that our clients and her colleagues are happy.

How can Sarah and the Hour Hands EA team support your home or business?

Hour Hands is ready to support you with those urgent and important tasks that you just don’t have the time to complete. From booking travel, to managing your diary and managing your accounts and tax returns – we can help you complete tasks and shift them off your to-do list! By outsourcing your tasks, you can flex when you need support – be it ongoing support or for a one-off project or resolving a particular task. 

To find out more simply visit our website or call us on 01727 818262. We will ask how we can support you and offer a solution either on an hourly rate or package cost. The choice is yours – we simply want to help.