Welcome Emma – our creative new team member

March 27, 2024 by Natalie Brewer
Welcome Emma – our creative new team member

A huge hello to Emma – our very newest Hour Hands team member! Emma loves solving problems and is a bookkeeper, which we think is a great combination. She’s also very creative – but more about that later in this blog!

A bookkeeper with the patience of a saint

Emma has an AAT qualification and works with our bookkeeping team and is relishing the variety of tasks that the bookkeeping elves are tasked with completing for clients.  With a background in payroll and after having worked in recruitment agencies for over 10 years, Emma is knowledgeable, patient, and diligent. 

“I really enjoy getting stuck into a problem and find it very satisfying when you manage to get to the bottom of it. Also like seeing a process through from start to finish and seeing the end result – and a happy client, of course!”

Emma is currently working with The Western Front Association, reconciling their account on a weekly basis and keeping on top of their incoming/outgoing transactions.

More about ‘Creative Emma’

As a Mum to a 4-year old, life is busy anyway but in her spare time, Emma enjoys being creative and has recently completed a modern calligraphy course. Other creative pastimes include making decorations – from door wreaths to Christmas baubles – watercolour painting, or even colouring, a great way to relax. Emma spent many years decorating venues for weddings and events and has even decorated Christmas trees in London, which she tells us was hard work but great fun. 

Why Hour Hands works perfectly for me

“I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks working with the Hour Hands team. They are really lovely people as are all the clients that I’ve met so far! I’m really enjoying making a real difference to people’s businesses by tackling all those bookkeeping tasks that should be done regularly but often get left due to lack of time. And with my background and knowledge, I know that I have the experience to take on additional challenges and really help my clients flourish.”

How the flexible Hour Hands team will flex to support you and your business too

With willing and able bookkeepers on hand, Hour Hands is always available to help you complete those tasks that you just don’t have the time or capacity to do yourself. With our knowledge and experience, we offer guidance as well as hands on support – and can flex our offer to suit your needs be it a one off project or resolving a particular issue, or even delivering long term support. 

To find out more simply call us on 01727 818262. We will ask how we can support you and offer a solution either on an hourly rate or package cost. The choice is yours – we simply want to help.