A show of Hands!

January 29, 2019 by Christine Frith
A show of Hands!

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs and social media then you’ll have heard a lot about what our Hands get up to! So we thought it was about time we told you a bit more about the faces behind Hour Hands, and what we’ve achieved over the past year.

In the beginning…

Hour Hands was founded by Christine Frith and Liz Goscomb in 2015, with the aim of helping busy people regain some free time. Having both balanced the demands of family with successful careers and the upkeep of a home, they were only too aware of how full life can be, how many day-to-day jobs remain unfinished, and how little ‘me’ time is left over. 

They started by providing bookkeeping and PA services to small businesses based in Hertfordshire, alongside handling general ‘life admin’ tasks for local families. These services proved incredibly popular with clients, and Christine and Liz started getting requests to manage additional tasks such as data entry, recruitment, project management and marketing support.

Very quickly there was too much for them to do on their own and four hands became six when Home and Lifestyle Consultant, Gemma Lovett, joined the team. Today, there are 16 hands providing additional expertise to meet demand!

You can meet all the team on our website and find out a bit more about how they all work together to provide your services.

Saving over 3,000 hours for local businesses

We’re very proud to say that, in 2018, we saved local businesses over 3,000 hours of valuable time by delivering essential tasks such as data entry, event management, bookkeeping, marketing support, recruitment, workshops, research, relocation planning, and much more.

All of our projects are overseen personally by either Christine or Liz, with support from the following team members – click on the links to see their profiles on our website:

Our Business team

Our Home team